I Just Want A Home

Have you ever gone through a difficult period in your life and you can’t help but ask why?  Why is this happening?  Why can’t I ever catch a break?  Everything is supposed to happen for a reason.  There are life lessons that come out of all difficult situations but will there ever be a break between lessons–kinda like a summer vacation?

Recently, I have found myself in yet another difficult living situation.  All of my problems from my previous rentals have gathered up and taken form in my current apartment (I still have 9 more months on my lease).  Cockroaches–like I had in my North Hollywood apartment but not as bad since I have only seen three thus far.  The thin walls with the noisy guy living next door who likes to clean, vacuum and build things at 2am–just like my La Crescenta apartment.  Again the thin walls with a neighbor who likes to blare their TV really loud and loud neighbors in the next apartment building who like to throw parties every night (but this time they are Hispanic instead of Armenian)–just like my Tujunga apartment.  The old, stubborn landlord who refuses to compromise on anything, blames all plumbing problems on you (cause he never had that kind of problem in 40 years…) and tries to bully & threaten you any chance he gets–just like my Altadena haunted house.

I just can’t help but think, how nice it is for the universe to bring all these issues together in one and make me aware of everything right after I sign the lease and I am trapped.  Seriously?  Didn’t I learn these lessons already?  Am I ever going to find a place that will feel like a home and not make me want to move the minute my lease is up?  This is my 5th place in 5 years and I am wishing I could move on to number 6.  What am I doing wrong?  Will I ever find a place that I will be able to call home?


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