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2013 Forecast Horoscope for Libra

Well, the 2013 Horoscopes are ready and on the internet.  According to (via, here is the 2013 forecast horoscope for myself and other Libras:

2013: Libra Overview


2013 brings you nothing short of a total rebirth, Libra. You can finally bid farewell to the heavy and austere presence of Saturn in your stars since late 2009. You have had enough lessons in love and commitment to last you a lifetime. Now you’re ready to put those lessons to the test by pursuing your true calling and passion. No longer will you be satisfied with simply scratching the surface of life. You’re prepared to go as deep as necessary to create something of lasting value. You want nothing less than the truth, and nothing short of profound meaning.

You’ll be putting more attention and importance on finances than you have in a long time now that Saturn has moved on to your money zone. This is the year to finally work on a budget and devise sound economic strategies for increasing your income without working yourself to the bone. This is an excellent time to get out of debt as much as you possibly can so that you can save your pennies for the whirlwind of change on deck in 2013. The eclipses will rock your money sectors, so be prepared for sweeping gains and losses, and plan accordingly.

You’ll continue to break out of any codependent relationship ruts with the ongoing influence of Pluto and Uranus sparring in the cosmos. You’ve certainly learned how important it is to value your authenticity and independence in all of your dealings with others. No longer will you fall prey to being too nice. You see how crucial it is to set your limits, draw your lines in the sand and commit without wavering. Saturn taught you to get off the fence and take a firm stand. This is how you gain respect. Your diplomacy and charm will always serve you well, but you realize now that they must be backed by the iron fist in the velvet glove.

2013: Libra Love

Your love life is finally getting a much-needed rebirth after enduring the heavy hand of Saturn since late 2009. The law of karma brought many painful lessons home, and you’re ready for a return to love. If you experienced crazy amounts of insecurity over the past year, you can also bid that farewell. Enough of the tears and heartbreak from giving too much to people who could not return your sweetness and light. Now that you’re clear about boundaries and refuse to lose yourself in codependent patterns, you can get on with establishing the kind of relationship that is healthy instead of detrimental to your health.

The eclipse points of 2013 are asking you to own your value as a partner. If anyone knows how to bring beauty, balance and unparalleled harmony into a union, it’s you, Libra. You’re finally realizing how irreplaceable you are as a partner. Very few are as easygoing and lovely to be around. You take everything in stride and bring the peace back to any discord that arises in your relationship. How many have the patience and tolerance to do this? Know how precious this is in maintaining a strong partnership.

The ongoing influence of Uranus in your relationship zone is helping you break free of any clingy patterns in love. You have a tendency to be drawn to strong but selfish partners, and now it’s time to own the selfish and assertive aspects of yourself so you can attract a different kind of relationship dynamic. In order to keep your scales balanced, you need a proper ratio of give and take. One-sided love affairs are no longer an option. You want a relationship with someone you can trust, and with whom you can build a solid and lasting foundation. You were born under the sign of marriage and companionship for a reason — you’re simply happier living life in tandem with another. This is the year of renewal and realizing your value, and there is no better arena to put these lessons into practice than in love relationships.

2013: Libra Career

Money and career are inextricably linked this year for you. Time is money, and you’re not willing to give away this precious commodity without proper compensation. You’re extremely driven by security and the desire to attain more financial stability for the long-term. With Saturn’s backing in your money sector until 2015, you’ll realize the value of saving and living within your means. Debt is no longer appealing, and you’ll no longer resort to it unless absolutely necessary.

The eclipse points are also impacting your money zones this year, which will help tap you into your resourcefulness. Even if you never thought you had a head for business, get ready to learn the ins and outs of making money. You’ll be eager to learn now that Saturn is applying pressure, along with the nodes of the Moon. This means you have the most room for growth and change in your financial arena than anywhere else during 2013. Use it or lose it.

Other career support and benefit comes during the second half of the year when lucky Jupiter moves into your career zone. This is an awesome time for expansion and taking a great leap of faith to push your career potential up a notch or two. Of course, this will put your scales out of balance — but for a very good cause. Risk-taking and breaking out of familiar territory are the prerequisites for greater success and a higher income. Plus, you have to shake things up sometimes in order to keep the creativity flowing and working in your favor.

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The Teacher Becomes The Student: Personal Challenge, Day 10 (9.26.12)

This morning, while watching the news, I saw a commercial talking about a website called Discover Los Angeles.  I thought this would be a great place to find new ideas for my personal challenge.  And today, my allergies were still acting up so I thought it would be best if I found something indoors.

So I went to the Discover LA website and clicked on their link to “100 Free Things to Do.”  I am a broke teacher who lives paycheck to paycheck (gotta love budget cuts where you are making less money then when you started your job).  There were so many interesting ideas but I thought it would be best, in my current state, to check out the “Free Health and Beauty Things to Do.”  The last item caught my eye, “Get self-centered,” at the Sahaja Yoga Meditation Center.

Unfortunately the link what is disabled but being the tech savvy photo teacher, I just deleted the last part of the web address and was redirected to the Sahaja Yoga Meditation Center home page. 

On the home page, I read the following:

“Sahaja Meditation is a simple yet very powerful technique which brings meaning, balance and gravity into our lives. Everyone can do it! And remember… it’s always free! Your self-realization is your birthright. You should never have to pay for the touch of Divine Love… Sahaja Meditation is a unique method of meditation based on an awakening that can occur within each human being. Through this process an inner transformation takes place by which one becomes moral, united, integrated and balanced. One can actually feel the all pervading divine power as a cool breeze, as described in all religions and spiritual traditions of the world.

Perfect!  I noticed that there were several locations and I found one in San Gabriel that was meeting tonight.  I always wondered what it would be like to take an actual meditation class so this was my chance.  Plus the description mentioned something about one becoming balanced–that is every Libra’s dream, their mission to find balance.

So I drove down to the San Gabriel Library (a place where I had never been before).  The parking lot is small so I had to park on a neighborhood street.  When I walked into the library, the teacher in me almost had a heart attack.  It was loud and children were chasing each other around the book stacks, no parents in sight.  The teenagers at the information desk were busy texting that they didn’t even notice I was standing there, waiting to inquire about the location for the class.  I cleared my throat, loudly, and then just asked them about the class.  Without even looking up from their phones, in unison, they said, up the stairs.  WOW!  I was a little concerned about how a group of people would be able to meditate in this Chuck E. Cheese atmosphere.

Thankfully quite a bit of the noise was inaudible once you reached the meeting room.  But when I arrive, I was the only person there.  I thought that maybe I had the wrong place.  This wasn’t what I expected.  I had imagined a room with Tibetan prayer flags strewn about and a big Buddhist alter.  This was simply . . . a meeting room with off-white walls and industrial gray carpeting.

A few minutes later, the instructor arrived.  Again, not what I expected.  I think my mind had assumed that a meditation class would be something like the ones run at the monasteries.  I was expecting a guru in his robes.  Not a man in business attire carrying a Macbook.

A few minutes later, another person arrived.  Again, not what I expected.  I had dressed the part of what I thought a meditation student should look like.  I was in my yoga pants and tank top, wearing my sandals and all of my crystal bracelets.  I had my hair up, dangled earrings and my Buddhist necklace.  The young woman who came in looked like she had just come from work, or the mall.

As it turns out, we were the only students that evening but that was actually to my benefit.  The instructor told me the history and ideals behind Sahaja Meditation.  Then he guided us through a Chakra meditation sequence followed by meditation with music and then the conclusion of the meditation process.  It wasn’t what I expected but it turned out better than I imagined.  I basically had a personalized course with the meditation instructor, once again proving that a teacher is more effective with a smaller class size.

I left there feeling calm and relaxed.  I was drama free and happy.  I think I will be back next week.  Who knows, perhaps my meditation skills will improve, allowing me to ignore my noisy teenagers.  This was definitely a good experiment.

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Once In A Blue Moon

Tonight, look up into the sky and gaze upon the Blue “Salmon” Moon.  This is a very special moon for multiple reasons.  The first being that it is the last Blue Moon until 2015.  And for those who don’t know, a blue moon means it is the second full moon in a month.  It isn’t actually blue.

This is also the Pisces Blue Moon.  When the moon is in Pisces, the fish, it is a time to seek wisdom and oneness.  In Celtic tradition, the Salmon was considered the wisest and oldest of all animals.  They believed that the salmon, known as Bradan, gained its wisdom by feasting on the nuts of nine hazel trees growing around the Well of Segais, the well of wisdom.  There is a tale about a young boy named Deimne who gained knowledge and wisdom while watching over the cooking of the Salmon of Wisdom.  The boy was given the task to “watch the pot” when the hot juice splattered and a small piece of salmon skin landed on his thumb.  Deimne’s immediate reaction was to stick his burned finger in his mouth, transferring the knowledge and wisdom of the Salmon to the young boy.  He was then given the nickname “Fionn” meaning “bright” and he would go on to be a great hunter and warrior in Celtic-Irish mythology.

Personally, I find it a bit ironic that the tale of  Fionn mac Cumhaill (aka Finn McCool), a great mythological hunter and warrior, is linked to this particular Blue Salmon Moon (Thanks to Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook).  Today, a great, and perhaps some day mythological, hunter of the moon and stars was laid to rest.  Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, passed away this week and his family mourned him in a private memorial service today.  His family even mentioned that tonight, we should all look up at the moon and wink at Mr. Armstrong as he gazes down at us from the heavens.  The Universe planned it perfectly.  We say goodbye to the first man who walked on the moon on the night where we observe the last Blue Moon in 2012–the last Blue Moon until 2015.

But no matter what you believe or how many Instagram pictures are posted of tonight’s Full Moon, I think we can all agree that every Full Moon is a sight to behold.  We should always look at it as a reminder that the Universe is so much bigger than we are.  The little things that upset us don’t matter in the great scheme of things.  We need to let go of the past, enjoy the present and look forward to our unknown future.

But if you feel you need a little extra guidance, wisdom and knowledge this celestial evening, Kristin Madden of Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook has a few suggestions:

Seek wisdom and oneness on this Pisces Blue Moon.  Fill a shallow bowl, with no inside marking, with pure water.  Sprinkle a touch of ground hazelnut, hazelnut liquor, or hazelnut flavoring on top.  Pass your left hand, then your right hand over the water, attuning yourself to its energy.  Still your mind and allow your experience of Self to expand to include everything in every reality.  Continue to expand your awareness until your current identity is just one small part of who you are.  Tell yourself that you encompass all things and that you will retain some of this wisdom when you return to your body.  When you are ready, gradually return to normal awareness.

In other words, go outside or sit by a window and take in the Blue Moonlight.  Breath (and meditate if you wish), relax, and enjoy this celestial beauty that begins our extended holiday weekend.  Don’t forget to take a moment to remember the man who achieved the impossible by leaving the first footprints on the moon.  Be inspired and find ways to make your own footprints in the Universe!

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The “L” Word

On Twitter, I follow several zodiac feeds, specifically those for Libras.  The other day, there was a tweet stating that a Libra will only tell you they love you if they really do and they don’t take love lightly.  For Libras, the “L” word has to have meaning or they won’t use it.  As a Libra myself, I can say this is completely true.

Here in Hollywood, so many toss around the “L” word like a disposable commodity.  Industry people will tell you they love you while stabbing a knife in your back.  It makes it really hard to trust the sincerity when someone uses the “L” word around here.  So I can completely understand why someone from my past, a native Angeleno, never believed me when I told him I loved him.

In my 33 years, I have only ever told two men that I loved them.  The first didn’t return the gesture and the second didn’t believe me, telling me “that’s impossible.”  If the second really truly knew me, he would know that such a feeling is difficult for me to express and that due to my own trust & relationship issues, I would never lie about this particular emotion.  And after an incident that occurred today, I still feel this way about this man and I probably always will.

Lately, the Universe has been sending constant reminders of this man.  This week, it was like a fireworks attack and today was the finale.

Whether this man and I have a romantic future is of no real concern to me.  I would be happy just to be his friend again.  But we had a falling out last fall and he won’t respond to any of my inquiries or attempts to repair our friendship.  Not knowing whether or not he is OK is like pure torture for me.  I am one of those people who loves hard and would do anything for the ones I love.  I don’t handle disconnection well.

And I really don’t deal well with the gut feeling that someone I love is suffering.  When someone tells you that they want to go off to be alone and depressed then you don’t hear from them for months, your worry alarms go into overload.  You do everything you can to reach out, let them know you are there.  You practically turn into a stalker but it doesn’t matter.  You have this need to help them, protect them, take care of them because you love them.  It doesn’t matter if that love is romantic or friendly.  You love them and you want to be there for them.  They will test you and push you away but unless I am told to “go away” in a clear manner, I am not about to abandon anyone I care about.

Now this particular person has trust and relationship issues that far surpass mine, making him quite a challenge to reach.  I have seen his good side as well as the bad and I am still here.  But I made a mistake last fall.  I let my trust issues come into play and I pushed him away.  I picked a fight over something stupid because I was afraid.  And he did what I asked, he disappeared.  When I realized I made a mistake, it was too late to fix what I broke . . . what we both broke.

But today, a scare snapped me back into reality and I realized that I want him back in my life, even if it is just as friends.  But I don’t know what to do.  I promised him that I wouldn’t write about him but I am breaking that promise for a good cause.  I am hoping he will read this someday and realize that our friendship has turned into a whiteboard.  We can keep clearing it off as long as we want to, leaving the past exactly where it belongs, in the past.  We don’t have to even look at the future.  We can live one second, one minute, one day at a time.  All that matters is the here and now.  I promise I won’t bring up our past ever again as long as we can try to be friends now.

At the very least, he could just find a way to tell me that he is out there and that he is OK, that he is surviving.   When you love someone, you want them to be happy, even if that means you can’t be in each other’s lives anymore.  But for me, a Libra with tons of issues, before I can let someone go, I have to know they will be OK and that they don’t need me anymore.

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Time To Find Your Path

Tomorrow’s Full Moon is the Pathfinding Horse Moon.  With the moon in Sagittarius, it is a time to choose a new path or direction to take in our life’s journey.

How do we do this?  Well, you look at where you are and where you really want to be then you have to decide how to get there.  Simple, right?  I’m a Libra so I would have to say this is pure torture.  Trying to make a decision on which path I should take is an extremely difficult task for a Libra.  I will use my trusty Pros and Cons lists.  I will think of all the different possible outcomes for each decision.  I will ask my friends and family for advice.  I will go see a psychic or ask my own Goddess or Angel cards.  Then I will pray for a sign from the Universe, guiding me toward the right path.  Then I will finally make a decision.  But once I make that decision, I will constantly wonder if I made the right choice.  But once again, I am a Libra.

Ironically, I am in a weird place where I do feel like I have to make a lot of life choices about my future.  So today, I turned to someone I know and trust, Hot Dog.  I had just told him about my accident a few days ago so he was anxious to see me and get me whatever I needed.  He picked up dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant and arrived at my house, ready to take care of my needs.  What I really needed was someone to talk to and he was ready to listen.  We went for a walk in my neighborhood (mainly to walk off the carnitas) and talked about what was bothering me.  Like any close, good guy friend would do, he poked fun at some of the decisions I made and actions I took.  But mostly he was in agreement with me that I needed to change things in my life.

I know where I want to be I just have no clue how to get there.  I need to let go of the past once and for all.  My past is holding me back.  So I guess whatever direction I wind up choosing, I need to make sure that it is in the opposite direction of my past with the future I want directly in front of me.

Now, if you are like me and you have a hard time making decisions, Kristen Madden from Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook suggests:

“To explore your path and any new directions you might take, you will need a pendulum (a ring on a string will do), and your life-adventure map.  Create your map by drawing a large circle on a piece of paper.  divide the circle into a pie graph, with one section representing your current path.  Into the other sections, place your potential paths, hopes and dreams.  Take your pendulum and ask what paths are most aligned to financial, academic, spiritual, or emotional success, then let the pendulum help find your direction.”

Now if the pendulums, tarot cards and psychic guidance methods freak you out, you can always ask the Magic 8 ball.  I have a fortune telling Yoda doll that I often ask for guidance (yeah, I’m a Star Wars geek) when my Magic 8 ball seems to be having issues (when it tells you “Future Unclear.  Ask Again Later.”)

Good Luck!

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Annular Solar Eclipse With The New Moon in Gemini

Today marks this month’s New Moon, located in Gemini.  It is also an Annular Solar Eclipse that is said to produce a ring of fire (is anyone else thinking of Johnny Cash, besides me?).

This ring of fire will only be visible in certain parts of the world.  If you are in an area where you won’t be able to see it, thanks to current technology, you can watch it streaming live over the internet.  One site covering the footage is Slooh.  They will be streaming it live, starting in Japan.  Check their site for “showtimes.”

You can also watch the eclipse live from Mt. Fuji thanks to Panasonic.  Or watch footage from the Hong Kong Observatory and Space Museum.  Or check in with amateur astronomer Scotty Degenhart broadcasting from Nevada’s Area 51.

Here in the west, we are supposed to get the best views of the eclipse, the “Black Moon” and the ring of fire.  “The western United States will enjoy bizarre solar effects that only occur every few decades. In the annularity path, which will be about 147 miles (237 km) wide when hitting our shores, the black moon will stand like a bull’s-eye in front of the sun, its motion through space in-your-face obvious,” said astronomer Bob Berman, who will be a commentator on the Slooh Space Camera webcast.  “In a wider zone that includes most western states, the sun becomes an eerie narrow crescent,” Berman added. “At maximum eclipse, the lighting on the ground will grow strange. Shadows of trees and bushes will contain thousands of tiny crescents, as spaces between leaves become pinhole cameras.”  So it should be quite the sight to see.

Now this is all according to astronomers, Astrologers, of course, have a different view of the Solar Eclipse.  According to Risa D’Angeles, Astrology columnist for the Santa Cruz Good Times, the new moon as a solar eclipse signifies that something essential in our lives has come to an end.

“Eclipses signify endings and beginnings.  Lunar eclipses (at full moons) are times when exterior realities disappear. Solar eclipses are times when an inner subjective reality has completed its cycle. It disappears. These endings (and beginnings) can be subtle or very apparent. Eclipses have a six-month influence—three months before and after the new or full moon. With Sun entering Gemini the entire world begins to see duality and polarity. This is the task of Gemini—to gather and disperse all aspects (sides) of information. When we see and experience duality, what emerges is discernment and discrimination so authentic choice can be made. We (humanity) are at a crossroads in our world and, as one Age (Pisces) withdraws and the new Aquarian Age is forthcoming, important choices must be made. Our choices determine our future world. For we are to create this new world coming. Presenting duality being Gemini’s task, we thus understand Gemini’s icon of the twins, two brothers, two lights—one waxing (growing in light, the new world), one waning (lessening in light, the old world). In Taurus, we were given the opportunity to become enlightened. In Gemini we are shown the dual realities. Which “light,” which “brother,” which side will we choose?”

Other astrologers look at the “Ring of Fire” as something destructive on a global scale.  For example, when we had the SuperMoon, the craziness was supposed to revolve around the individual and their inner circles.  Where as a Solar Eclipse bringing a “Ring of Fire,” has more of a global impact, such as severe floods.  It is somehow linked to Neptune and water (some of these astrology sites are very complex in their explanations).  So this eclipse has the potential to bring about deep cleansing of the soul (as represented by the Roman Goddess Egeria, goddess of the Healing Spring).  But because the New Moon is located in Gemini on the fixed star Alcyone in the Pleiades (“Seven Sisters” star cluster), there is also the potential for a flooding of tears, sorrow and broken hearts.

In all honesty, I don’t want to think about the possible negative repercussions of this celestial event.  Instead, all I can think about, as a photographer, is “how can I take pictures of this rare event?”

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The Super Scorpion Moon

On Saturday, May 5th, the Super Moon rose into the Southern California sky.  Per usual, I went out onto my balcony to take a picture of this amazing site.  In some ways, it made me homesick because I know the view was so much better back east.  I started to imagine what the Moon would have looked like rising over Higgins Lake (Northern Mid-Michigan).  The reflection would be amazing.  But instead, I am in SoCal where I had to wait for it to peak out from behind the mountains and then appear above the trees in my backyard.  It was still a breathtaking sight.

Aside drom Saturday’s moon being a Super Moon (the Full Moon that is closest to Earth during that year), this was also the healing Scorpion Moon.  This moon is described by a simple phrase. “what hurts us can also heal us.”  Scorpions are deadly but in some cultures, the scorpion venom has healing properties.  In Egypt, they are studying the use of the venom as a painkiller.  Similarly, the Chinese have long deemed the scorpion venom as an analgesic.  I guess it also coincides with the buddhist belief that through suffering, we can find truth and happiness.

So it is said that during this Scorpion Moon, you need to “have courage to move through pain into healing and strength.”  This is a time for what is called “Scorpion Meditation,” where you think about painful experiences.  “Start small, with a fairly minor hurt, and move up gradually to more difficult situations.  Close your eyes and breathe deeply.  Imagine walking through a desert with scrub bushes, cacti, and many different sizes of rocks.  One small rock draws your attention–you turn it over to find a scorpion that stings you.  The sting evokes all the memories and the pain of that experience you called to mind.  Allow the pain to pass through you without resistance.  How did you survive?  What did you learn?  How can it make you stronger?  Feel resilience and strength fill your being as your healing begins.” ~Kristin Madden, Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2012.

Personally, this explains why I have been overthinking some past situations lately.  I want the suffering to end so I can move forward.  So I am taking the steps needed to get the answers that will provide me with a ticket to the future while leaving the baggage of the past behind.