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Make It A Hungry Girl Night

With my life in chaos for the past month or so, I have managed to pack on a few extra stress pounds.  Now, as I am working on getting my life in order, I am getting my life and diet back on track.  I am back to wearing my Bodymedia armband again and using the Myfitnesspal app to track what I eat (and it works with Bodymedia).  I am doing my best to reach my daily exercise goals–riding my bike to the grocery store daily helps.  I don’t do the fad diets–like Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Atkins, Paleo, etc.  I just watch what I eat and exercise–the Bodymedia and Myfitnesspal are excellent tools to help me with my daily goals.  It is always hard at first to switch back to eating better and exercising but once you start, it becomes a way of life, in my humble opinion.  Plus, it helps my pocketbook, my stress levels, and my endometriosis.

My best friend and I are both on the same diet/exercise plan.  Actually, she is the one who introduced me to Bodymedia (makers of the Bodybugg).  We also started doing “Hungry Girl” nights where we would pick a recipe from one of the Hungry Girl cookbooks and cook it together, and we used to blog about it.  We have gotten away from that, she now has two kids, but I am making it one of my goals to bring it back into our lives.  Plus, an added bonus is it helps me with my personal challenge to try something new every day.

Hungry-Girl-300-Under-300-Lillien-Lisa-9780312676810So last night, I pulled out one of my Hungry Girl books (a gift from my best friend), 300 under 300, and started putting post-its on recipes that I wanted to try.  since I am staying with friends, I knew I would have to find something that they would also enjoy.  I chose “Rockin’ Chicken Ratatouille” (pg. 154).  It seemed like an easy recipe and I love all the ingredients so I hopped on my bike and rode over to Vons.

Here is my analysis of the recipe:

First of all, the prep time of 20 minutes is a lie.  I am not quite sure how long it took (I didn’t time myself) but I know it took a lot longer than 20 minutes to cut everything up for the recipe.  Granted, I made double the recipe since I was feeding three people and the original recipe is just 2 servings so that added time to the recipe as well.

I also deviated from the recipe.  Instead of chopping up the veggies and measuring it all out, I just cut up the entire item (eggplant, zucchini, onion and red bell pepper) and mixed it all in.  I also used Himalayan Pink Salt to season instead of regular table salt.  I increased the cooking time by 20 minutes, since I doubled the recipe.  And I cooked Barilla Veggie pasta to go with the Ratatouille.

Overall, it was an easy recipe (once everything is chopped up) and absolutely delicious.  My friends would agree, it was very tasty.  I would highly recommend this recipe, just remember that the prep time is longer.

(Nutritional info for recipe per serving: 299 calories, 2g fat, 660mg of sodium, 32.5g carbs, 9.75g fiber, 18g sugar, 37.5g protein)

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Did the Endo Diet Help?

OK, so today would mark the end of the Endo madness for this month.  So as I reflect on this past week, I have to wonder, did the Endo diet help?  Actually, it did.

It was extremely hard to stick to the diet.  I messed up a few times.  Plus, I had just gone grocery shopping right before I started the diet so I couldn’t let the food go to waste.  But even with the mess ups, I do have to say that I felt better.

I am not really sure if it helped with the pain because I pulled a muscle in my lower back so I was in an extreme amount of pain, regardless.  But I didn’t get any of my Endo migraines.  I didn’t throw up at all.  I had plenty of energy–my body was just unable to keep up with me because of my back.

I do have to say that I was very happy when the Endo bloat went away (as well as the Endo fog brain).  So now I am just going to try to do my best to stick with the diet, especially during a particular two weeks out of the month.  Next month I will be able to know for sure if it is working (as long as I don’t pull any more muscles).

And if anyone is wondering, here is what my daily meals have looked like (including my few mess-ups):


  • Green Tea
  • 1/2 cup of Egg Whites (Hungry Girl in a Mug Recipe)
  • Banana
  • Vitamuffin Vitatop (available at Ralph’s, Vons & Target in the frozen foods section)
  • Women’s One-A-Day Multi-Vitamin

AM Snack:

  • Fiberone Bar


  • Healthful 10 Grain Bread (2 slices–I wasn’t going to let $5 bread go to waste)
  • Low-Sodium Natural Jif Peanut Butter (2 tbsp)
  • Welch’s Sugar Free Grape Jelly
  • Strawberries & Fat-Free Cool Whip
  • Red-Grapes
  • Celery
  • Water

PM Snack:

  • Fiberone Bar


  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Chicken Breast or Tofu
  • Brown Rice
  • Water

Late PM Snack/Dessert:

  • Vitamuffin Vitatop Banana Choco Chip with Fat Free Cool Whip
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The Endometriosis Diet


OK, so the Endo is back to kicking my butt.  I am not on any kind of hormone therapy to regulate the high levels of Estrogen associated with Endometriosis.  So when the Endo fog starts to roll into town, the only defense I currently have is Zoloft (for the PMDD) and my Physical Therapy exercises.  But I can tell you that neither one helps when your breasts swell an entire cup size and you bloat up to a 3-4 month pregnancy belly.  Last week, I looked like one of my friends who keeps posting her expanding pregnancy body through pictures on Facebook.  But I am not growing a human inside of me.  I am simply filling up with hormones and Endometrium tissue.  The hormone therapies used to regulate this portion of the hellish cycle that mother nature has thrust upon me.  But my body has decided that it wants to be unique.  None of the current hormone therapies worked on me.  So until modern medicine catches up with my “ha, ha you can’t catch me” form of Endometriosis, I’m pretty much screwed and left to figure things out on my own.

So last week, I was talking with one of my co-workers about the chaos going on inside of my body.  She recommended a book for me called “Why do I still have Thyroid symptoms? When my lab tests are normal.”  She found out that all of her issues stem from an allergy to wheat gluten.  Well, I am not one to jump on the latest diet/fad bandwagon.  A gluten-free diet isn’t for everyone and I told her as much.  She said that the book mentioned Endometriosis and different diets that could help ease the pain and other symptoms.  I figured it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at the book so I whipped out my kindle and searched the title.  There is no current kindle version of this book so I decided to search “Endometriosis Diet” and I found an article for the kindle, “ENDOMETRIOSIS DIET: The Hidden Link to Control Pain and Hormones Without Any Side Effects” by Rita Pauline.

So basically, someone else has done the research for me on what I should be eating to help control my hormones and relieve the pain of Endometriosis.  It couldn’t hurt to give it a read through.  So here is what I found out from this article:

A Woman with Endometriosis must avoid the following:

  • Dairy Products, like milk and cheese (they stimulate the production of Prostaglandins which worsen Endometriosis symptoms)
  • Saturated Fats and Oils like coconut oil, palm oil, butter, margarine, lard, organ meats and fried foods.  (These also stimulate the production of Prostaglandins).
  • Wheat (The Phytic acid in wheat aggravates the symptoms of Endo)
  • Modern Soy Products, like soy milk, soy based cheese, granola, pasta, imitation meat and other highly processed soy products (They are said to contain soybean toxins that could do more harm than good over time).
  • Sugar in all forms (produces a more acidic environment within the body that can encourage the inflammatory pain of endometriosis)
  • Caffeine (increases the production of estrogen)
  • Alcohol (destroys Vitamin B in the Liver which helps filter blood of chemicals, hormones and other impurities.  It is said that women with Endo already have a sluggish liver because of the disease so alcohol will just make it worse and must be cut out completely).
  • Red Meat (stimulates production of Prostaglandins and estrogen)
  • Refined Carbohydrates, like White bread, pasta, flour, pastry, cakes and chocolates (These deplete the body’s nutrients, damage blood vessel walls and are the primary cause of weight gain that lead to increased Endo symptoms).
  • Additives and Preservatives found in processed, frozen or pre-packaged foods (because they are full of dangerous chemicals and ingredients that promote the growth of Prostaglandins)

So basically what this all means is that I need to take vitamins (Calcium, Vitamin E, the B Vitamins, Vitamin C, & Magnesium), eat foods high in Fiber (raspberries, apples, pears, bananas, strawberries, barley, brown rice, bran, popcorn, and oatmeal), White Meats like Chicken or Pork (or fish but I am so not a seafood fan), fruits & vegetables, and only drink water.

OK, so I will try it.  What can it hurt?

I would say that Saturday was my first day trying the diet but I screwed that up with breakfast.  I added cheese to my egg whites and milk to my tea.  Then on Sunday I hurt my back and have been in pain ever since.  So it is hard to tell if a change in my diet is helping my pain levels when I can’t even sit-up straight or walk without pain surging through my entire being (the good thing is that my back hurts so bad that I’m not even noticing my menstrual cramps).  So I will have to get back to you on my experimentation with the Endo Diet.