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Disneyland Resort and Disney California Adventure at Night: Personal Challenge, Day 28 (10.14.12)

My friends and I go to Disneyland once a month and usually on a Sunday morning. We never go at night but since there are some new features at the park that only occur at night, we decided that this month we would partake in the Disney evening events.

I do have to say that even though Disney California Adventure was not usually on our favorites list (before the remodel) but now it is definitely the place to be at night. At sunset, the lights in Carsland come on one by one to a classic oldies song. And when the lights come on, the cameras come out (except
for me cause I was photobombed thus my night photos of Carsland were ruined). And it was pretty cool to ride Radiator Springs Racers at night.

Personally, my favorite area was the Mad T Party. This is where you can get your Rave on (and drinks) in wonderland. The White Rabbit DJ spins some awesome dance tunes. } would have loved to spend my time dancing there but it wasn’t really my friends’ scene. I would love to go back some time with my friends who like to dance the night away, like me.

But we were on a time schedule so it was off to Disneyland to ride the Haunted Mansion Holiday. We were able to see the fireworks and light show from the Haunted Mansion cue. Again, that is something I would have to go back to see (the fireworks & such) at a later date when we have more time to enjoy the nightly festivities at both parks.

Overall, night time at the Disneyland Resort seemed pretty cool. I just wish I could have seen more. It is something I will definitely have to do again.

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It’s Terrifying to Try Something New & Face Your Fears: Personal Challenge, Day 7 (9.23.12)

I have managed to make it through a week of going somewhere or trying something new every day.  So I guess it is only fitting on the 7th day, I return to one of my favorite places in Southern California and face something that has terrified me for years, The Hollywood Tower of Terror ride at Disney California Adventure.

My friends and I have annual passes to the Disneyland resort so we go there together once a month.  We usually stick to the safer rides, like The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ariel’s Undersea Adventure and now Radiator Springs Racers in Carsland.  Occasionally we will go on the more daring roller coaster rides (though some in the group refuse to go on those rides and will wait for those of us who are thrill seekers) like Space Mountain, California’s Screamin’, Goofy’s Flight School, Indiana Jones and Matterhorn.  But in all the years of visiting DLR, we never even thought about attempting the Hollywood Tower of Terror.

But while on this quest to try new things and overcome my fears, I requested Hollywood Tower of Terror.  The majority of the group decided to wait out the ride while myself and three of my male companions decided we would step into the Twilight Zone’s Tower of Terror.

As a person who is afraid of heights and even more afraid of falling, this was a heart pounding experiment, especially when my friends who were sitting out the ride talked about how much they hated the ride and that “plunging” feeling.  But being the only female with a group of guys, I tried to laugh off my fears.  I joked with the elevator operator and one of my guy friends about how the warning signs show two people buckled in their seat holding hands.  I asked if that was mandatory so playing along, my friend said he would hold my hand.  I don’t think he was quite prepared for the death grip that I had on his hand for the entire ride.  And to give you a sense of exactly how I was feeling during this elevator plunge of a ride (up and down 13 stories), just take a look at our picture.  Ironically, we were sitting in row 6 (The front row to the left–I’m in the red tank top and only female on that side).

Even though the ride was nerve-wracking and a heart-pounding thrill ride to face my fears, I would do it again.  I just have to make sure that I eat after the ride and not before the ride.